Credential Clothing is unsorted, untouched clothing that has been donated directly from individuals to charities, donation bins or commercial recycling. No items (unless breakable) are removed. These can also be packed into small bales, big bales or loose bags.

Tropical Mix

These are used clothing from which the winter/heavy clothes are taken out and only very light summer items are kept. They come in big or small bales. Tropical Mix consists only of lightweight summer clothes appropriate for hot climates. Items that are not part of the mix include: long sleeve T-shirts, heavy jogging sweat pants, heavy woven clothing (sweaters), sweatshirts, corduroy material and all kind of knitwear. It also does not include torn, worn out, discolored, faded nor out-of-shape clothing.

The combination consists of Men’s, Women’s and Children’s Used Clothing presorted specifically for tropical climate countries. In addition to clothing, Household Rummage is also included in Tropical Mix. Household Rummage consists mainly of bed sheets and towels.

Used Books

Books consist of Hard cover and Soft cover books. Loads do not contain magazines, damaged books, encyclopedia, and loose papers. Books should not be ripped or torn. Packaged in boxes and weighing 800-1000lbs each.

Hard Toys & Soft Toys

Soft Toys are primarily clean stuffed animals with the large stuffed animals taken out. Depending on the needs of the customer we can provide the stuffed animals either loose, baled or in polypropylene bags. Hard Toys are games, cars, action figures, building blocks, etc. Toys are most commonly packaged in boxes.


Also known as Household Items: Miscellaneous small objects, esp: furniture and other household items.

Belts & Purses

These are Used Purses, Used Handbags and Used Belts mostly packaged in boxes and/or bags.

Sorted Used Shoes

Used Shoes are packaged in 50lbs bags. We can supply with 40,000lbs+ per 40 container. 700+ Bags.
Each bag contains a mix of: 4-5 Mens Shoes, 4-5 Sports Shoes, 10 Children’s Shoes, 15-20 Ladies Shoes.

Single Used Shoes

Single Unpaired Shoes mixed with paired shoes which are usable but do not meet our quality and standards.

About Itradeclothing

‘itradeclothing Inc., (ITC)’ has been involved in the Used Clothing market for ten years. We are an established worldwide sourcing agency which provides Mixed Used Clothes.

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6201 Bonhomme Rd #180N, Houston, Texas 77036, USA

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