• With our professional experienced team in the Used Clothing business, we are able to offer high quality products at a competitive price.

• We offer a reliable and exceptional service with clear communication to ensure that there are no complications with our suppliers and customers.

• We take care of all documents and paperwork required. We handle all the Logistic needs required by our customers.

• We work very closely with our suppliers to ensure excellent quality control and a long lasting relationship. This helps us offer our suppliers a competitive price while making sure that the quality meets our high standards.

• We use 53′ trailers and 40’HC Containers for Export and load maximum weight so that our customer can reduce their freight cost.

• As Brokers, we take care of any complications that arise during the delivery of goods so our suppliers operations are not interrupted.

• As brokers we help our suppliers look to expand and reach new customers through targeted marketing efforts.

• With a broker, your company can focus more on its internal operations to ensure an effective and efficient working environment.

• We have buyers readily available for all kinds of used goods and can purchase on a short period of time as well. We guarantee a smooth transaction every time.

• We pay in advance. We visit our vendors on a regular basis. Monitor and evaluate the quality of the goods we purchase.

About Itradeclothing

‘itradeclothing Inc., (ITC)’ has been involved in the Used Clothing market for ten years. We are an established worldwide sourcing agency which provides Mixed Used Clothes.

Office Address

6201 Bonhomme Rd #180N, Houston, Texas 77036, USA

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